Audio Video / CCTV Cameras

Audio/Video–Installation services and support 

From the digital screens in your corporate office lobby, to meeting rooms or event spaces, Reviei Technologies undertake all your Audio/Video installation. Our expert technicians check and test all the A/V systems before signing-off. When partnered with precisely placed high definition televisions and high-end grade speaker systems which are integrated together at one centralized location, an A/V system fetches flawless picture and audiophile sound to any business. Our team of technician at Reviei Technologies design Audio/Video components and install them at carefully thought out specific positions to immerse our clients in the perfect balance of acoustics and video.

CCTV Cameras–Installation services and support 

An essential component of a wide-range security plan is closed-circuit television. With the technology to remotely monitor and record activity, surveillance cameras are an integral part of the company campus. Over years the capabilities of video surveillance systems have been transformed at lot; the fundamental change being the gathering of digital data; followed by analysis, sharing and storing. These cameras are becoming smart; they gather accurate data, make integrated analytics-based predictions, and hence is reinforcing the deep learning and AI technologies. Reviei Technologies offer advanced surveillance and security methods installation to our clients enabling them with round clock monitoring and controlling power.

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